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    • Vacuum Brazing Technology of Seal Ring Composed of Martensitic Stainless Steel and Aluminum Bronze

    • Vol. 52, Issue 1, Pages: 103-108(2022)   
    • DOI: 10.7512/j.issn.1001-2303.2022.01.13     

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  • SHI Suxia, ZUO Mou, LIU Xueli, et al.Vacuum brazing technology of seal ring composed of martensitic stainless steel and aluminum bronze[J].Electric Welding Machine, 2022, 52(01): 103-108. DOI: 10.7512/j.issn.1001-2303.2022.01.13.
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CRRC-AVC Thermal Technologies (zhuzhou) Co., Ltd.
State Key Laboratory of Advanced Brazing Filler Metals & Technology, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Key Laboratory of Friction Welding Technologies,Northwestern Polytechnical University
Material Science and Engineering Institute,University of Harbin Industry
Material Science and Engineering Institute,University of Xihua